About Me


Degree in psychology from PUC_SP decided to give a turning point in my life and I left Brazil’s spend some time in London, where he fell in love with fashion. I was married, had children but never let the passion for fashion side (impossible in London anyway). After 13 years outside Brazil, working in various areas decided to invest in this new career. I went back to university and went to study fashion.

I decided to look for the best there is to specialize and it was there that I found the Style Workshop.

After several training courses with the girls of the workshop was to London again to study at the Academy of Humbleton Nick Jones, fashion guru and host of the program 10 years younger in England. Amazing experience!

To complete was chosen for an internship in NHJ Academy where I worked with Isobel Kershaw, with 25 years of experience in the market with the largest known brands and this has done much to make me safe Style Consultant and ready to work.

Today, I feel privileged to work with something that gives me so much satisfaction and at the same time be able to provide self empowering knowledge for each customer who’ll get it!

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