Complete Advisory


The work takes place in 5 steps and works like this:

1 – Getting to Know You
The first phase of the study is to learn more about you. I need to know it, know what your daily activities, your lifestyle, your personality, your priorities, your hobbies, what are the difficulties you face to dress, what your goal to hire the Style Consulting … this is all done through a questionnaire, an exercise with pictures and a good person chat! In addition to knowing more about your style and preferences, will do the technical analysis of your body type and coloring to find out what are the colors that value.
[Duration: about 3 hours and takes place in your home]

2 – Proposal for a visual identity
After gathering all the information about your universe, I will present to you a proposal for visual identity. In this presentation, we will discuss types of fabrics, trims, colors, suitable models for your body, in short, all the points that favor. It will be a conversation adjustments and to finish, we are tuned to follow for the practical part.
[Duration: approximately 1 hour in a cafe]

3 – Cabinet Revitalization
Now it’s time to visit your wardrobe. We will look at all your joints and talk about the parts that should be kept, suggestions of what has no more to do with his “new version” and which may be referred to adjustment. Also, we find out if something is missing in your closet and evaluate the ratio of top portion of parts and bottom of parts.
[Duration: about 4 hours and takes place in your home]

4 – Experience in stores
In this phase, you will experience pre-selected looks and talk again about fabric, trim, color, cost-effective parts. At the same time you learn to consume more consciously and intelligently, you will also know what are the parts that value, always remembering everything that you already have at home to match and take full advantage.
[Duration: about 4 hours and takes place in stores]

5 – Look Book
In the last step, back to your closet and will ride I look for you! Every look, I’ll shoot and talk about why the choices for you to learn. With photos in hand, you already have a repertoire to follow the life from here on out and have new inspiration to create your next looks!
[Duration: about 4 hours and takes place in your home]

At the end of Consultoria, you will have a concise cabinet, coordinated and discover that it is not necessary to have a full wardrobe but versatile pieces that match each other. It will save time and money in time to dress, because you will have learned how to shop conscious and planned by investing in pieces that use a lot! And the best, you have a wardrobe as interesting as you, with your face and transmit to the world the messages you want!
The Style Consulting value is R $ 2,650.00, but also serve in other cities adding travel costs.